Creating Success Stories One Student at a Time

Located on the Colorado campus just west of the quad, the Robert G. Freeman Center for Career and Completion offers a variety of workforce services, all conveniently housed under one roof. Because of Molly Munger and Steve English’s generous donation, this newly renovated and expanded venue is organized around an open, welcoming community space set up to better facilitate interaction between students and staff. 

As Salvatrice Cummo, the Executive Director of Economic and Workforce Development, notes, “The Freeman Center was designed with the student journey in mind. We wanted to develop a program that supports students in the life-long process of career development and decision-making by facilitating self-discovery, career enrichment, and workforce readiness—all from day one.” 

With its 15 team members, the Freeman Center boasts a dedicated staff of counselors, advisors, and interns, all ready to assist students as they build a solid foundation for their futures. 

“Students come in with an idea in mind,” said Salvatrice. “They show up right when they’re about to graduate. But we didn’t want a program designed for students to come see us at the end of their academic journey. It’s about engaging them when they arrive,” she emphasized. “Our model was designed with the student in mind.” 

But just as there is no typical student need, there is no typical student persona either. As Salvatrice points out, “we help students from all walks of life, everyone from veterans to the disabled, or those looking to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence, like single moms or the formerly incarcerated.” 

Recalling one recent success story, Salvatrice detailed the dilemma facing a stay-at-home mom who was ready to go back to work but was worried about the employment gap on her resume. “We helped her fill it in with all the volunteer work she had done plus other activities relevant to her career track.” With a newly revised and revamped resume in hand, it wasn’t long before the single mom was able to land her first real job offer in more than a decade. 

Pairing talented students with potential employers is, at its core, what the Freeman Center is all about: building bridges between the classroom and the local business community. 

“The Freeman Center is committed to supporting our students’ career success and nurturing their career goals,” says Salvatrice. “When the student walks in, they are met with wrap-around services to help them make informed decisions about their careers, about their education, and about their personal growth.”