Erika Endrijonas, The New PCC President

Authentic, optimistic, and excited. A few words to describe the new Superintendent President of Pasadena City College. Dr. Endrijonas brings a new and exciting energy to the PCC campus, making a point to lend alistening ear to students, staff, and community members as the newpresident. With a personal mission statement of “do no harm,” Dr. Erika Endrijonas prides herself on her authentic and fair style of leadership. She’s human just like the rest of us and enjoys little details. She adds aspecial touch by sending her staff a personal “Happy Birthday” messageon their day to let them know she is thinking of them.

That same human touch is what she wants the students at PCC to feel. “It’s our job to make sure that everybody out there believes that they belong here. Its my job to make sure that our environment is welcoming, provides the services that students need, that the community needs, andthat there is more than one way to serve our community,” says Dr. Endrijonas.

When talking about student success, she says student success to her is completion. Whether a student’s goal is to take one class for transfer or to graduate with an associate’s degree, she wants to make sure students are completing their goals, whatever they may be.

As the current past president of LA Valley College, Dr. Endrijonas wants to use her past experience to maintain the steady course PCC already has going. As for problems, she says, “every college has problems, it’s how you manage them.” Dr. Endrijonas says being a good leader is all about managing your emotions. For this self-proclaimed “eternal optimist”, the glass is always half-full.