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Nurses Appreciation Week: PCC Heroes Reflect on their Jobs

Dr. Jeong Oh
-Dr. Jeong Oh

“There have been significant changes to nursing education as nursing students havehad to transition from face-to-face learning to remote learning. The real challenge is lost clinical opportunities for many students, mainly because they are not allowed in hospitals or long-term care facilitates. PCC’s nursing faculty plans to make up for a lost experience with hands-on learning in the Fall. Until then, it’s important to try and remain calm during these scary times and look forward to another semester filled with great learning opportunities.”



Lindsey Wagner
-Lindsey Wagner, fourth-semester nursing student

“I think working during this COVID-19 pandemic has been an amazing learning experience for us. At the same time, I think it’s allowing us to see how nurses throughout the hospitals are willing to be flexible and help other units in need. Everyone is working as a team, whether it be registered nurses, charge nurses, CNA’s, management, and everyone in between. People are stepping up and taking on more responsibilities and helping wherever they can. Because of that, people are still able to get incredible care. We are experiencing what working in healthcare is all about: helping one another even when times are crazy. I’m proud to have been given this amazing opportunity in such a hectic time.”


Maria Silva
-Maria Silva, fourth-semester nursing student

“I am honored to be serving alongside my fellow first responders, who are passionate about caring for others, especially during these difficult times. I am delighted to represent PCC’s RN program and am grateful for the support of Dr. Aguirre and the nursing faculty who have allowed us to grow stronger as nursing students.”



Paul Vento
-PCC Nursing Instructor Paula Marie Vento, MSN, RN

“I don’t think our nursing students are merely training during this unprecedented pandemic…I believe they are jumping into the fray. The nursing students who are lucky enough to be gaining experience at Huntington Memorial Hospital are participating in healthcare that no one has ever seen and hopefully will never see again. Our students leapt at the chance to care for patients and learn from nurses on the frontlines of this pandemic. All at once our students are using every bit of their theory and lab content to become the registered nurses they dreamed of. God bless them all.”

“Anything for my students,” Instructor Vento would tell you. “The student in this photo was so nervous when giving an injection to a mannequin that she accidentally broke the needle. Her classmates laughed, and I saw she was devastated. So, when it came time to give each other injections, I requested her because 1.) I knew she could do it, and 2.) I wanted her to succeed. And she did! As you can see by my face, it didn’t hurt a bit.”



Rindy Kettle Nurse Appreciation Week
Nursing Professor Laurinda “Rindy” Kettle


-PCC Assistant Professor Laurinda (Rindy) Kettle, MSN, RN

My favorite quote is ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind.’ In this time of pandemic, I find this to be more important than ever. Be kind to people who are responding differently than you may be. Be safe, stay healthy.

Also, I want to say thank you to Huntington Hospital for stepping up and allowing PCC students to obtain their clinical hours. While the students’ rotations are different, they are all gaining valuable experiences and learning that it takes a team to getting nursing done.”


-Yalitza Munoz, fourth-semester nursing student (no photo available)

“My name is Yalitza Munoz, I am a fourth-semester nursing student. This semester has had its challenges, to say the least, and as a student I wasn’t fully aware of how this would affect me. To be honest, I felt uncertain about my future and a bit scared when everything began to unfold. With our lives on hold due to this pandemic, I had no choice but to patiently wait for answers.

Not only has PCC provided answers but they’ve gone above and beyond to allow this once in a lifetime opportunity for myself and many others. I feel so blessed to be a part of this historical time. We’re on track with our education and clinical experience, as if we never skipped a beat. Huntington Hospital has been a wonderful experience and one I will not soon forget. Together, PCC and Huntington have been my solid ground and they’ve made my 2 years in the program feel like home, like a nursing family.

I am forever thankful to all the hardworking staff and personnel who have made it possible for PCC RN students to contribute at Huntington Hospital during these trying times. I feel more confident and prepared for my future as a nurse thanks to PCC.

We are the future of nursing!”


Joyce Muyingo
-Joyce Muyingo, RN, MSN, GNP

“Students and faculty have been very brave during this time of change.”

Also, a poem from Joyce:

Everyone has a heart

Of all the hearts both warm and cold

Nurses care for them all

And they have the hearts of gold

-Muyingo 2020