The Cushman Impact

John Cushman and his wife, Ginny Cushman, are well-known in the Pasadena area as some of the busiest volunteers, leaders, and philanthropists.

Ginny’s strength comes from embracing the diversity of life.She doesn’t find it paradoxical that she can hold traditional values; yet still break tradition by becoming the first womantrustee at Occidental College. Or that she loves Pasadena because it’s a place where people feel that they belong to something, but still celebrates the positive changes she has seen through the years.

John says he didn’t make things happen in his life as much ashe accepted what came to him – a law firm that offered him a career, and a cute college co-ed that invited him out on a firstdate and stuck around to say yes to his marriage proposal.

John was quoted in an article in 1985, in speaking of Pasadena, he said, “If you come to this city to take, you will get very little. But if you come to give, you will get a lot.”When you interact with John and Ginny, you quickly find thatthey are of unparalleled personal integrity – whose self- awareness and humble authenticity is easily shared in such a way that it inspires others do the soul-searching that leads to self-acceptance and a life of gratitude.

Pasadena is fortunate that the Cushman’s came to the City as givers. The PCC Foundation, Pasadena City College, and its students are all strengthened because they came to give.